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 About Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions is a software company. We have over 11 years of experience working in developing countries. We love creating software, but we also understand that staff motivation and appropriate technology are critical factors in providing solutions that meet our clients needs in the real world.
We have a proven track record of providing solutions that fit your needs, that are robust, and that provide genuine value for money.
Our company has a strong ethical basis for it’s existence, and while we need (and want) to make a profit, we’re primarily motivated by serving others.

 What we do

We have two main areas of expertise

Our mSupply pharmaceutical supply chain software has been acknowledged to be world-class by many independent consultants. mSupply is used in national drug distribution projects, warehouses and hospitals in more than 20 countries around the world. mSupply supports web services and has a built in web server, allowing a range of ways for data to be shared with other parties and other applications. We provide Moneyworks customisation services to clients in 10 countries. Moneyworks is a superb product and highly customisable. We provide custom forms, custom reports, integration with other software, web site integration, interface customisation and extension. More about what we do can be found here