File : : Asset_Inventory_4v1.exe [14.37 MB]

Description: Asset & Inventory Management Software. This software is used to keep track of fixed as well as disposable assets. It maintains a register of fixed assets and is able to track stock levels of disposable items. The manual (PDF format) is also included with this download. Click here for more information. This software requires Windows 2000 or higher to run.

File : : Cross_Tab_Reportv17.exe [12.91 MB]

Description: Cross Tab reporter V1.7 Dated : 12/8/2008 for INF. Others don't bother downloading as it won't be relevant for you.

File : : customisable listbox [258.64 kB]

Description: A sample database showing how to create listboxes that remember column width, order (left to right), sort order, and that have a toolbar button to configure which columns are displayed.

File : : eudora to [6.38 kB]

Description: This Script takes the "from" address from the currently open message in Eudora and makes an entry in Address Book.

File : : GWT_msupply_v146.exe [6.84 MB]

Description: GWT mSupply for the Bristish Gurkhas only.

File : : json_arrays_to_object.c4d [5.24 kB]

Description: 4D method that takes arrays and returns a json object. See the start of the method for comments and examples.

File : : LAPQA manual.pdf [4.30 MB]

Description: This is the LAB QA user guide in pdf format. You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer inorder to view this document.

File : : Lap_qa_setup_web_v9r4.exe [7.69 MB]

Description: LAB QA v9r4 dated: 30/1/2006 :- This is a Clinical Lab Quality Assurance Software, designed to assess the quailty of service provided by laborites. Results from quality assurance test can be entered into the software and analysis can be carried out using in built reports. Custom reports can also be created. This software requires Windows 98 or more recent operating system.

File : : MoneyWorks_Cashbook 6_1_3.exe [28.67 MB]

Description: MoneyWorks Cashbook 6.1.3 : A valid v6 license is required.

File : : pos_setup_070918.exe [12.44 MB]

Description: A Point of Sales software used by a popular restaurant in Kathmandu.

File : : Skylight_v7r1_upgrade.exe [1.23 MB]

Description: Skylight Software up-grader v7r1 for Anu and Binod. For other's, it's not much use !

File : : sussol_map.pdf [75.84 kB]

Description: This map in PDF format shows the location of our offices.