Senior React Native Developers

We’re looking for two senior React Native / React developers to be based in New Zealand, but with the possibility of up to a year of remote work before moving to New Zealand.


We make software for managing health supply chains in low and middle income countries. We’ve been going for 20 years, and we’re transitioning from being a company to being a not-for-profit. We’re motivated by doing as much good in the world as we can.
We have three big open source projects that are pre-funded, and we need help. Two of them are already released, so you can see our code here and here
Our team are some of the nicest humans you will meet. Genuinely care about what we’re trying to do. Smart too. Pictures are likely deceptive, but here they are


We need someone who will mainly combine architecture, development, and some team guidance.
You need to fit into one of these categories:
i. You have excellent skills in React Native (& ideally React too). You’re comfortable with giving guidance to others, and you understand relational databases & Node well.
ii. You have moderate skills in React or React Native, but a longer background in other languages, an proven ability to learn new stuff, have guided teams before, and are maybe at a higher level with relational databases, you know SQL very well.

You and Us

Firstly: you’ll be part of a great team, you’ll be valued, you’ll be supported, and you’ll be doing something that’s important for the world. You’ll be listened to.
What will you be doing? You’d be helping working on either one of our mobile applications (links above), or on rebuilding our desktop application with a brand new code base. The mobile apps both link to Bluetooth temperature sensors. We’re focused on saving low income countries hundreds of millions of dollars by providing an integrated, low cost way of managing vaccine supplies. Suddenly everyone’s interested in vaccines! All applications work offline, so have local databases and synchronise with a server, which presents all kinds of fun challenges ;-)

Boring stuff

Salary: Auckland is expensive. You have other options. We’ll try and work out a rate that’s fair. We run open books, so you’ll know we’re being honest.
Hours: we’re pretty flexible. If you want to take some time off for macrame or to help your family, it’s most likely going to be OK.
Office: it’s on a super-secret corner of Queen St and K’ Rd., Auckland New Zealand. No parking except for bikes.
Work start: asap.

How to apply

Send us an email to “jobs at” that responds to what we’ve written above, tells us about yourself, and about how you see the world and humans. Also include a poem, ideally one you write yourself.


Q: Can I shortcut this tedious process by getting a PR(s!) accepted in your public repo?
A: yes
Q: What’s the gender balance like? (By which you meant: “is your office culture male & sport dominated?”)
A: We’re close to 50/50, and you’re more likely to hear a conversation about what’s wrong with the world than about some All Black’s hamstring.
Q: Can I apply from out of New Zealand?
A: Yes. We have helped other developers get a role with us. However, you need to demonstrate exceptional skills, and skills we can’t find locally.