Support staff applications for our Kathmandu Office (2022)

Important: Do not send your biodata to us without following the instructions here-unless you answer the questions as part of the application process we will ignore your application.

Deadline for applications: Please apply by 21th September 2022 (The earlier the better as we are keen for you to start ! )

Salary: We have stated a range of NPR35,000 to 80,000 per month, with the company further contributing towards provident and gratuity fund. We also have medical insurance coverage. Staff also participate in a bonus scheme that for the last few years has paid over 3 months bonus salary annually. Salary so far has been increased annually, and the percentage of increment is based on personal performance as well as the overall performance of the organisation. Hard to predict but average increment during the last four years has been at 17.25%. Useful hint : If salary is a big thing for you, it may be best not to apply as you are unlikely to be happy.

Commitment : Learning the mSupply system takes time and we will only consider staff that are able to commit 3 years to the post. If your intention is to gain experience and move elsewhere within the 3 year period then you are advised to NOT TO APPLY. Please do not waste our time. Our employment scheme will be tailored so that the 3 year commitment period is met. Failure to understand this will not result in a good outcome for all parties !

Steps to apply (That is if you are still Alive ): Fill out this application form

Note that most questions take more than just a five word answer- we’re trying to find out a bit about you, so you need to take the time to tell us things.

Once the above form is filled then send your biodata to :