About Us

Sustainable Solutions is a company that is owned by followers of Jesus, and we hope it makes a difference.
If it doesn’t, we want to know about it.

At the heart of what we believe is that relationships have priority over production, so we try to value our staff, our clients, suppliers, even government officials, as people rather than just for what they can do for us.

We also care a lot about honesty, integrity.

Most of our staff are Hindu or Bhuddist. We respect their beliefs, and try to ensure we treat them no differently, whatever they believe.

We also want to contribute to our society by making products that make a difference. We get much more excited by products that help organisations provide better health care, or better information for their donors, than we do about products that are just to make more money for a company.

We like software- it’s a combination of art and science, and gives a great outlet to express the gift of creativity we were given.

That said, we’re only interested in solutions that will really benefit our clients. That won’t happen unless the people, the motivation and at least some basic infrastructure are in place. Our ethos means we need to be honest about these things, and not proceed with profitable projects if they aren’t likely to succeed.

We hope that in some small way our modelling the way we believe a business should be run will rub off on the people we come into contact with.