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Look at all of these places..............

nigeria 01 One of our first Nigeria sites- back in 2009!

The Mount Rushmore of Nigeria (the carvings are on the other side ;-) )

A very young looking Ujwal giving training in Nigeria.

Eric Clapton? Carlos Santana?

If only we made everyone this happy!

Hey Britain, NZ, Australia: you left a bit of a mess!

Hiyam using mSupply, Caritas Hospital, Bethlehem, Palestine

west dafur village West Dafur village. Photo courtesy Mediar (c)

west dafur clinic Clinic in West Dafur. Photo Medair (c)

This boat was made for sinkin'

Ujwal & Melchior, Feb 2005

iu too can read pidgin

Tonga Saturday market

Can't work all day