About our projects

April 2009: We’re actually so busy with mSupply and Moneyworks work that we aren’t looking for any more custom development work at this stage, unless it ties to the two products above. We’ve left the articles below as a record of the sorts of work we’ve done in the past.

Custom software: National recruitment scheme

In 2005 Sustainable Solutions was asked to replace a system supplied by a billion dollar US/UK based software vendor.
The system handles the recruitment for the client, including personal data and test results.
Every year the client has to process some 10,000 applications.

Phase 2 in 2006 will involve adding finger-print recognition technology to provide unique identification for each applicant

In use since: September 2005

Custom software: Pension payment scheme

In 2003 Sustainable Solutions was asked to replace an old dbase system with a more productive interface, and to improve reliability and system capabilities.
Our tasks included:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Modelling existing data structures (there was no docutmentation!)
  • Designing a new relational structure
  • Designing an import scheme to import over 1 million records
  • Implementing existing functionality
  • Adding new features
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Ongoing support as new features are requested.

In use since: September 2003

Private School Scholarships (2001)

We provided a small system to manage the awarding of scholarships to poor students, including tracking donated funds and expenditure for each student.

Time from requirements to development: 3 months

Years in use: 1.5

Customised version of mSupply for National Welfare Scheme.

We customized our mSupply software so that it could be used in health centres that provide national coverage in caring for retired soldiers and their families. The system was modified to provide 7 custom reports, to record specific information about pension eligibiliy, and to use that information to apply rules concerning who is entitled to receive care.

In operation since: 2003

Large Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal- Requirements analysis 2001

We provided a comprehensive report that enabled our client to prioritize their spending to address the areas that would provide the greatest benefit for the people they serve.